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We are the intermodal specialists here at Pride Container and East Coast Services.

We bring you high performance for each shipment at competitive rates by handling and shipping your goods combining truckload and railway domestic transport services.

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What we Offer

Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation is our specialty. We have many years of experience that we will use for your benefit.

Containerized Rail Shipping

To maximize efficiency we can ship your goods through a combination of truckload and railway.

Transfer Containers to Chassis

We can mount empty and full containers on chassis using our specialized container handlers.

Door-to-Door Shipping

We will cover all the steps to pickup your order and deliver it to destination.

Warehousing Services

We can warehouse and handle your product indoors or outdoors, short term and long term, based on your requirements.

Full Distribution and Order Assembly

We will prepare your order and take care of the distribution for you.

Transloading and Stuffing

We are here to transload and stuff your commodity from road/railway containers into a sea-containers

Retagging and De-tagging

When your commodity is tagged with labels that do not meet the requirements of the import country, we are here for you, offering de-tagging and re-tagging services.


Under our transloading and stuffing division, we can collect samples of the commodity to ship for your buyer or for testing purposes.


Let us know if your container requires fumigation and we will take care of it.


When your shipment requires inspection, we will have certified inspectors to provide the service.


We will scale your bags of product when requested under our transloading and stuffing division.


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